Ramsey County Recordease (2024)

1. Access to Recorded Documents | Ramsey County

  • RecordEASE is the county's commercial product for accessing land records maintained by the County Recorder and Registrar of Titles Office of Ramsey County.

  • RecordEASE is the county’s commercial product for accessing land records.

2. RecordEASE Web Access

  • The Ramsey County Recorder/Registrar of Titles Office will reinstate RecordEASE Web access, search and view fees as of September 1, 2021. Please contact ...

  • RecordEASE Fee Change Notice The Ramsey County Recorder/Registrar of Titles Office will reinstate RecordEASE Web access, search and view fees as of September 1, 2021. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.Subscription Fees The monthly subscription rate is $25 per customer account. The rate for searching for documents or certificates is $0.85 per search. The rate for viewing documents is $1 per document, certificate or plat. Did you know:The Tract Indexes and Tract Books are available through a subscription to RecordEASE web. There is no additional charge to search or view these records. Please contact [email protected] if you would like instructions on how to search these records.Plats are available through RecordEASE web. To view a plat, search by Addition/Plat Code/or Name and click Plat Map.Subscription Fee Change We are excited to announce a change to the Ramsey County RecordEASE subscription and usage rates effective Jan. 1, 2020. The monthly subscription rate has been reduced from $75 per user to $25 per customer account. The rate for viewing images of certificates will be reduced from $2 per certificate to $1. The rate for plat maps will be reduced from $5 per plat map to $1.

3. Recorder's Office | Ramsey County

4. Self Authenticated Search - RecordEASE

  • Visit the Ramsey County website to: Learn about how to obtain a copy of a document · Subscribe to RecordEASE. Results Returned: 1000 ...

5. Recorder | Ramsey County, ND

  • Bevat niet: recordease | Resultaten tonen met:recordease

  • Find the county recorder's position description and important documents such as licenses and passport information.

6. [PDF] RecordEASE Web Access

  • County Recorder in and for Hennepin County, Minnesota;. 4. Lots 3, 4 ... ) ss. COUNTY OF RAMSEY. ) STATE OF MINNESOTA. On this ( 5 day of lf)c;f;;- . j ...

7. Ramsey County, Minnesota Property Records | StateRecords.org

  • RecordEASE is Ramsey County's official platform for residents to conduct online property records searches and file property documents. Many other third-party ...

  • Understand the process of performing a Ramsey County property search, where to conduct a Ramsey County property lookup and how to go about a property owner lookup in Ramsey County. Also learn the procedure for finding Ramsey County property records online, perform a Ramsey County tax lookup, find a Ramsey County property appraiser and contact the Ramsey County property assessor

8. RecordEASE Web Access

  • NEW!! Occasional users may now search RecordEASE by paying with a credit card ; Search Fee, $0.50 per search ; View Recorded Documents, $1.50 per document ; View ...

  • NEW!! Occasional users may now search RecordEASE by paying with a credit card. Credit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Fees: Convenience Fee $3.25 per login/session Search Fee$0.50 per search View Recorded Documents$1.50 per document View Certificates of Title ~ Torrens $2.50 per certificate View Tract Page$2.50 per tract View Tract Card$2.50 per tract View Recorded Plat$5.00 per plat NOTE: The system does not hold your credit card information and you will need to enter it each time you sign in to RecordEASE. The system asks you to approve a hold on the credit card while you are using RecordEASE. This is only to reserve that amount from your credit card balance while you are using RecordEASE. Your credit card will only be charged the total amount used. ESCROW ACCOUNT HOLDERS With the use of a credit card or eCheck you can now replenish your escrow account for your RecordEASE subscription. There will be a convenience fee of $3.25 for each deposit that you make to your escrow account. Please have your subscription manager contact our office to enable this option for your account at 651-430-6175.

9. Ramsey County Recordease - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank

  • Fill out your ramsey county recordease form online with pdfFiller! pdfFiller is an end-to-end solution for managing, creating, and editing documents and forms ...

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Ramsey County Recordease (2024)
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