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Important Tree Nodes

The best ascendancy order is Pursuit of Faith, Conviction of Power, Ritual of Awakening, and Divine Guidance. The Ancestral Bond node should be allocated for an extra totem with the drawback of making it so that you can't deal damage without totems, traps, ormines.You should also usea Watcher's Eye jewel for up to 6% increased life, 6% increased energy shield, 6% increased mana, 15% increased cast speed while affected by Zealotry,gain Arcane Surge for 4 seconds when you create consecrated ground while affected by Zealotry, and optionally 15% spell suppression while affected by Grace. Totem life nodes are very important for Forbidden Rite because they greatly increases the damage of your Forbidden Rite.The Reservation Mastery is alsoimportant because it gives 28% increased mana reservation efficiencywhich allows you to use the recommended reservation skills. This is a life build so make sure and take a healthy amount of the nearby life percent nodes for survival.

Defensive Layers

You will have a minimum of four Endurance charges and Power charges at all times with the Conviction of Power ascendancy which reduces your physical damage taken, increases your elemental resistances, and increases your critical strike chance. You will also regenerate 1% life per second for each summoned totem with the Ritual of Awakening ascendancy. Some of your damage will also be taken to your mana with the Divine Guidance ascendancy. This build has strong defensives available from the Templar tree and the strong defensive advantage of being able to use a shield.


Weapon (3-link)

Summon Lightning Golem

Culling Strike Support

Minion Life Support

Shield (3-link)

Cold Snap (the ideal level is level 4 to trigger Arcane Surge in one cast)

Cast When Damage Taken Support (keep at level 1 to make Cold Snap cast more frequently)

Arcane Surge Support (keep at level 1 to make Arcane Surge trigger after every Cold Snap)

Armour (6-link)




Dread Banner

Enlighten Support

Flame Dash

Helmet (6-link)

Forbidden Rite

Multiple Totems Support

Increased Critical Strike Support

Increased Critical Damage Support

Level 35 Spell Totem Support (granted by Forbidden Shako)

Level 1-10 Random Beneficial Support Gem (granted by Forbidden Shako)

Gloves (4-link)


Increased Duration Support

Faster Casting Support

Arcane Surge Support

Boots (4-link)


Enduring Cry

Empower Support

Call To Arms

Reservation Skills

Grace is the best defensive aura for this build and gives very high evasion. Zealotry is the best offensive aura for this build because it gives increased spell critical strike chance, more spell damage, and gives a chance to create consecrated ground. Clarity gives increased mana regeneration and is also needed for the high mana cost of the build.Dread Banner is also useful when combined with Grace to lower the accuracy of nearby enemies. Zealotrycan be used once you have the increased reservation efficiency from the Reservation Mastery, 50% increased reservation efficiency for Grace from a Sublime Form small cluster jewel, and a level 4 Enlighten Support to lower the mana reservation cost of your skills.

Gem Notes

  1. Steelskin is the recommended guard skill for this buildbecauseImmortal Call requires you to use potions more often and Molten Shell requires very high armour to be effective.

  2. Enduring Cry is used to give a large 2223 life heal over one second, an extra 2% physical damage reduction per Endurance charge, and 2% increased elemental resistances per Endurance charge. You will have four Endurance charges at all times with your ascendancies. Enduring Cry should also be linked to Call To Arms to instantly cast Enduring Cry on cooldown.

  3. Cold Snap gives a chance to generate Frenzy charges when enemies die in its skill effect area and triggers Arcane Surge when it's linked to Arcane Surge Support.

  4. Summon Lightning Golem increases your totems cast speed, gives 2% life replenishment on Culling Strikes,kills enemies at 10% life with Culling Strike Support, and has an aura that increases the lightning damage of your totems.

  5. If you would prefer to play a caster playstyle Hierophant over a totem build the Spark Hierophant is a strong option. If you would like to try out the Spark Hierophant build a guide for it can be found here Spark Hierophant Guide.



Rare Spell Dagger

Look for a spell dagger with high increased spell damage, increased critical strike chance for spells, increased global critical strike multiplier (very important), increased cast speed (very important), and an added elemental damage to spells. If you can get the other modifiers you can also go for +1 to level of all chaos spell skill gems.You should also add 1% increased area of effect per 4% quality withthe Horticrafting Station which can be added to your hideout.


Rare Shield

Look for life, increased spell damage, increased critical strike chance for spells, if you can afford it with the other modifiers +1 to all chaos spell skill gems, and add increased cast speed at the crafting bench. You can also look for +1 to maximum number of totems but it's rare to find one with great modifiers.


Cospri's Will

Has always poison against cursed enemies, you can apply an additional curse, your curses can affect hexproof enemies, and up to 53% chaos resistance. You should also look for an increased damage corruption once you have enough currency.


Forbidden Shako

This item is very expensive but is required for Forbidden Rite to deal high damage and may be hard to find early in the season. Forbidden Shako is required because Forbidden Rite scales off of the maximum life and energy shield of the totem which won't be high enough without a high level Spell Totem Support. Forbidden Shako can have up to level 35 Spell Totem Support built into the helmet and can have up to level 10 of another helpful support gem. This helmet also has up to 30 to all attributes.


Hands of the High Templar

These gloves can have up to five corruptions and have up to 12% increased life and up to 30% fire and lightning resistances. Look for a spell critical strike chance corruption, faster casting speed corruption, and if you can afford it a Temporal Chains curse on hit corruption. You can also get a Despair on hit corruption so that you can equip a ring without Despair on hit.


Stygian Vise

Look for high life, energy shield,increased chaos damage, resistances, and an abyssal socket. You can use 20 Fertile Catalysts on the beltto increase its life bonus.

Abyss Jewel

Look for high life, high energy shield, increased critical strike chance, and increased critical strike multiplier.


Rare Boots

Look for high life, chance to suppress spell damage,resistances, and movement speed. Tailwind and Onslaught on boots don't affect your totems because they require you to score a critical strike instead of your totems. You should use Eldritch Embers and Eldritch Ichors torollchance to avoid elemental ailments andincreased damage per Endurance charge.


Rare Amulet

Look for an increase to all attributes, dexterity, high life, increased critical strike chance, increased critical strike multiplier, resistances, and if you can afford it with the other modifiers +1 to level of all chaos skill gems. You should also use 20 Unstable Catalysts on the amulet to increase its critical strike modifiers.


Despair Curse Ring

Look for Despair curse on hit if you don't have it on your gloves, life, attributes, increased cast speed, and resistances.You should alsouse 20Fertile Catalysts on both of your rings to increase their life bonuses.

Rare Increased Cast SpeedRing

Look for high life, dexterity, increased cast speed, increased chaos damage, increased critical strike chance, and resistances. You can use a Diamond Ring for a critical strike chance implicit which is the modifier above the line on an item or a Cogwork Ring base for 25% increased effect of suffixes to increase the magnitude of increased cast speed and critical strike chance modifiers.

Cluster Jewel

Large Cluster Jewel

Look for 12% increased chaos damage per added small passive with the Wicked Pall, Unwavering Evil, and Unholy Grace notables and added small passives grant 2% increased attack and cast speed with chaos skills.

Medium Cluster Jewel

Look for 12% increased totem damage per added small passive with Ancestral Might for increased totem life and Ancestral Preservation for increased totem chaos resistance for the self totem damage of Forbidden Rite.

Small Cluster Jewel

Look for 6% increased mana reservation efficiency of skills per added small passive and Sublime Form which gives 50% increased reservation efficiency for Grace and 10% increased elemental resistances.

Tattoo (Standard Only)

Honoured Tattoo of the Wise

This tattoo can replace a 30 intelligence node on the treeto give +1 to Level of All Intelligence Gems.

Utility Flasks

Bottled Faith

Gives40% increased damage, consecrated ground, 150% increased critical strike chance against enemies on consecrated ground, and 10%increaseddamage to enemies on consecrated ground. You should also use Instilling Orbs on the flask until you automatically usethe flask whenever it has full charges.

Rumi's Concoction (legacy is better)

Gives 1500 armour, 12% chance to block, and 6% spell block. The legacy version isbetter and gives much higher block chances. You shouldalso use Instilling Orbs on the flask until you automatically use the flask wheneverit has full charges.

Diamond Flask

Gives 100% increased critical strike chance. You should roll Bleeding and Corrupted Blood immunity during effectand use Instilling Orbs on the flask until youautomatically use the flask wheneveryou are Bleeding.


Totem life increases the damage of Forbidden Rite. You should anoint your amulet with Ironwood for 30% increased totem life, totems gain 30% to all elemental resistances, and 150 armour per summoned totem at Cassia using a Clear Oil, Amber Oil, and Teal Oil.

Enchants(Standard Only)

Helm: Forbidden Rite Fires An Additional Projectile

Gloves: Commandment of Blades

Feet: 16% Increased Attack and Cast Speed If You've Killed Recently

Belt: 30% Reduced Effect of Curses On You While You Are On Consecrated Ground


The best bandit to choose in Act 2 for critical strike builds is Alira because she gives 15% increased elemental resistances, 20% increased critical strike multiplier, and 5 mana regeneration per second which are all very beneficial.


Soul of Solaris is the best major Pantheon power and gives 6% reduced physical damage taken when only one enemy is present, a 20% chance to take 50% less area damage, 8% reduced elemental damage taken if you haven't been hit recently, take no extra damage from critical strikes if you've been hit with a critical strike recently, and a 50% chance to avoid elemental ailments from critical strikes. Soul of Ryslatha is the best minor power andgives60% increased life recovery from flasks atlow life, life flask charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a life flask recently, and enemies you hit have 50% reducedlife regeneration.

Leveling Gear



You can use two level one Lifesprigs thateach give40% increased spell damage, +1 to level of socketed spell gems, increased cast speed, life, mana, and life regeneration.


Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is a stronglevel one chest armour that has 6 linked white sockets. Any combination of skill and support gems can be linked together inside of it which allows you to do much higher damage at an earlier level.You can also get a Tabula Rasa with a high increased damage corruption which also requires level one for fairly cheap from the trade site.



A strong level oneresistance helmet with up to 40% to all elemental resistances and 10% increased rarity of items found.


Lochtonial Caress

These gloves can be used at level one and give up to 15% increased attack speed, 15% increased cast speed,and a 15% chance to generate an Endurance, Power, or Frenzy Charge on kill.



These boots require level nine and give up to 30 strength, 30 dexterity, 30 intelligence, and 25% movement speed.


Karui Ward

A level five amulet that gives up to 30 strength, 30 dexterity, 100 accuracy, and 30% increased projectile damage.


Perandus Signets

You can use two Perandus Signets at level onethat each give up to65% mana regeneration, 65 mana, 2% increased intelligence for each unique item equipped,and 2% increased experience.


Quicksilver Flask

This flask can be used at level four for 40% increased movement speed and can have increased movement speed as a second modifier. You should use Instilling Orbs on the flaskuntil you automaticallyuse the flaskwhenever it has full charges.

Silver Flask

This flask gives Onslaught which increases your attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed as early as level 27. It can also have increasedmovement speed as a second modifier. You should use Instilling Orbs on the flaskuntil you automaticallyuse the flaskwhenever it has full charges.

Bottled Faith (use a Sulphur Flask for 40% increased damage if you can't afford Bottled Faith)

Thisendgameflask requires level 27 and gives 40% increased damage, consecrated ground, increases enemies damage taken by 10% on consecrated ground, and gives 150%increased critical strike chance against enemies on consecrated ground. You should also use Instilling Orbs on the flask until you automatically use the flask whenever it has full charges.

Leveling Gems

Freezing Pulse is the best starter spell to useat level one and you can make Freezing Pulse cast from totems as early as level 8 using Spell Totem Support. You should switch to Forbidden Rite totems which is your endgame skill atlevel 16. Make sure to pick up a Steelskin gem once you are level four and have 16 strength for a defensive guard skill. Dash also requires level four and should be used as your travel skill at early levels.


You can upgrade your wands to two Ashcallers at level 12 for increased spell damage, high added fire damage to spells, a 10% chance to cover enemies in Ash on hit, and a chance to summon Level 10 Raging Spirits. You can alsoupgrade to two Praxis ring at level 22 to reduce the mana costs of your skills by up to 16 which allows you to use utility flasks in the place of mana flasks. Many of the items in the section above can be used until the midgame where better items will become available.

And that's all for the Forbidden Rite Totem Guide! For more about PoEyou can view the endgame guide here Endgame Guide.

[3.24] Forbidden Rite Totem Hierophant Guide - Pathofexileguides (2024)
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