10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (2024)

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (1)

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Does anyone ever truly enjoy hot, sticky andsweaty summer days? Whileair conditioningand beach umbrellas are popular ways to stay cool in the heat this summer, one other alternative is an outdoor misting fan.

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Outdoor misting fans are increasingly affordable and powerful, helping to keep your next outdoor movie night or garage clean-outday fresh and comfortable.

Here are 10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days.

1. The gold standard: Ryobi Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (2)

If you’re looking for simple, one-stop misting, consider Ryobi’s One+ Bucket Top Misting Fan. The 18-volt fan can run dry, or you can turn on the water function and either hook it to a hose or place it on top of a 5-gallon bucket and voilà! You’ve got yourself an outdoor misting fan.

This handy helper is especially great if you’re already using Ryobi tools, since the fan uses the standard Ryobi battery pack.

$100 at The Home Depot

2. Custom comfort: Lasko Pivoting Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (3)

Lasko’s Misto fan claims to make any area feel instantly cooler by about 25 degrees. It’s a lofty claim, but one that makes a lot of sense, considering the fan’s reach, pivoting blower, and three variable speeds.

The fan comes with a 9-foot water hose that attaches to any standard garden hose, and you can detach the misting kit without tools any time you want to clean it or perform routine maintenance.

The fan is also made for outdoor use, so it’s weather-, UV- and rust-resistant. It runs on a three-prong grounded plug.

$150 at Walmart

3. A DIY Kit: Pocket Panda Water Mist Hose Kit

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (4)

Have an old fan laying around that you just aren’t using anymore? Turn it into a mister using a handy DIY kit. Pocket Panda’s mister kit comes with 35 feet of hose, 10 fittings and a tube cutter so you can custom fit the set to your fan.

Pocket Panda’s kit is especially good if you’re concerned about reusing and recycling items you already have, rather than buying new.It could even provide an economical alternative to air conditioning, provided you don’t mind spending a little more time outside.

$24 at Amazon

4. Refreshing and rechargeable:

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (5)

Geek Aire’s cordless outdoor misting fan could be just what you need. It’s entirely portable, meaning you can take it camping, on a boat, or even to a kid’s sporting event. It uses three nozzles to spray a cool mist up to 11.5 feet and pivots 360 degrees up and down.

A fully charged battery will let the fan run for anywhere from two to ten hours, but if you’re worried about running out of juice, you could always bring backup batteries and just swap them in when they’re running down.

If the 16-inch fan is a bit pricey for you, too, there’s a 12-inch model with a little less power that could get the job done, depending on what you wanted it for.

$178 at Amazon

5. Oscillating opulence: NewAir Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (6)

A stationary mister is nice, but an oscillating mister can be a cut above. NewAir’s outdoor oscillating mister can cool about 600-square-feet of outdoor spaceand can be used with or without its misting hose.

One of the more powerful outdoor fans on the market, NewAir’s fan can deliver 2,800 CFMs of power while pivoting back and forth to make sure your patio stays cool.

$165 at Walmart

6. Bold and brassy: Dynamic Collections Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (7)

Like the idea of an oscillating mister but want a fan with a bit more pizzazz? Dynamic Collections’ three outdoor misters have decorative trim, and come in finishes like bronze, “riverside,” and the charmingly named “rustique.”

The misting kit can easily be taken off the fan, and its 19-inch oscillating head has three different cooling speeds. The fan is also easily adjustableand has aweighted base to keep it in place on windy days.

$245 at Amazon

7. Useful and utilitarian: Xpower Heavy-duty Outdoor Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (8)

XPower’s misting fan might not be the prettiest, but it sure gets the job done. It’s convenient, portable and has a durable and rugged design made for outdoor use. The motor is sealed away to keep it safe from water and debris.

The company says using mist can keep dust, pollen and flying insects at bay, which is a nice perk in addition to the fan’s existing cooling capacity. The fan meets ETL certification requirements and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

$140 at Amazon

8. Petite and powerful battery power: Ego Power+ Outdoor Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (9)

Billed as the world’s most powerful cordless misting fan, Ego’s 18-inch, five-speed misting fan can move air at speeds of up to 20 mph, or about twice as fast as your standard box fan.

At its most powerful, the fan moves about 5,000 CFM, and the fan has both a telescopic handle and durable wheels, so you can wheel it to sporting events, beach hangs, or tailgates.

The four misting nozzles can be operated on two different misting settings: intermittent and continuous. It’s quiet, too, running at just 42dB on its lowest setting for up to 60 hours on one charge (assuming you’re using the fan’s lowest speed).

If you already have other Ego outdoor equipment, like the Ego cordless leaf blower, this is a nice supplement as you can share batteries across the fan and other Ego battery-powered tools.

$279 at Amazon

9. A blissful bucket topper: Get the Kobalt 7-in 3-Speed Misting Stand Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (10)

Small enough to fit on a five gallon bucket, Kobalt’s 24-Volt Max misting fan kit is perfectly portable. The fan has three speeds and three mist settings, and pulls its water from any five gallon bucket you have laying around.

At its strongest, it will mist about 1.8 gallons an hour, meaning you’ll only have to fill up the fan’s bucket every two or so hours. It’s compatible with all Kobalt 24-volt batteries and chargers and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

$129 at Lowe's

10. A handheld misting fan: Koonie Battery-operated Misting Fan

10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (11)

For those times when you’re outside but not stationary, you need a handheld misting fan. This rechargeable, 8-inch outdoor fan blasts cool air using one of two output modes: continuous and intermittent. It comes with a 2-inch clamp base that can be attached to wherever you need direct and immediate airflow, like stroller or bike handles during outdoor activities.

The lithium ion battery should run for about two days before you will need to recharge it, but your mileage will vary depending on usage. There's a hole at the top where you can use a water bottle to add water.

The misting cover opens and closes, so you can still get the most out of this fan even if you forget to fill it up.

$56 at Amazon

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10 outdoor misting fans to keep you cool on hot days (2024)
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